Saturday, May 11, 2013

SP A CE D // o ut

Just got my film developed from last summer! 
One year late, but feeling super blessed to have all these amazing memories back!

5:30 am naps outside the Esso

beer break at the river before hiking into Salmo

early morning pit-stops at another Esso
~ featuring Dominique and a bottle of lemonade that tasted similar to how a Shambhala urinal probably would

psychedelic nights with Sybil and the stolen fur!

Sally visits 737! ~ featuring 737, my fucked up window, and lots of veggie burgers!

post wisdom teeth surgery/ stoned with Riaan beach adventure

smoke, wine and all night dance parties with Riaan and Rachel

smoking weed out the bathroom window ~ featuring Hailey, Abbey lots of red wine and the day we dyed Abbey's hair blue 

me and Sybil painted the bathroom!

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